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Supporting safe Search from popular search engines

Safe Search helps you avoid explicit and hazardous content in your search results by enforcing the highest level of unsafe content filtering.

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About our extension

Safe Search is a Google Chrome browser and Chrome OS extension that provides you a safe search experience by turning on the SafeSearch mode in your favourite search engines. Whether you are using Safe Search to search at work with colleagues, at home with children, or in an Internet cafe just by yourself, our extension helps you enforce filtering of explicit and hazardous adult content from your search results.

It is important to know that Safe Search is not 100% bulletproof and SafeSearch of popular search engines cannot catch everything.

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How it works

Step 01
The default status of Safe Search mode is “On” after you added this extension to your Chrome browser. When the Safe Search mode is on, only safe search results will be shown in your search feed. We strongly recommend you to keep your Safe Search mode always on to provide a safe search experience.
Step 02
If you would like to turn off the Safe Search mode, you can simply swipe the Safe Search mode off by the toggle button. After the Safe Search is turned off, you may be exposed to unsafe content. We recommend you to keep it on all the time.
Step 03
Change the Safe Search status by choosing Active or Inactive. When the status is set on Active, unsafe content in texts, images, and videos will be filtered out. When it's set on Inactive, you might be exposed to unsafe content.
Step 04
Select your preferred search engine from the Settings of the extension. After you added our extension to your Chrome browser, your default search settings will be modified to our search domain, powered by Yahoo. In this extension, we also support Google and Bing.

Frequently asked questions

It is important to know that Safe Search is not 100% bulletproof and SafeSearch of popular search engines cannot catch everything.

When the Safe Search mode is turned on, it will enforce the strictest safety level to filter out unsafe content to your search results from the Chrome address bar and show safe results for all your queries including images, videos and websites. While Safe Search isn’t 100% accurate and bulletproof, it is designed to block explicit content like pornography from your search results.
Yes, of course. When the Safe Search mode is turned off, the search results will be the most relevant results to your search terms and they may contain explicit adult content.
In order for the Safe Search to apply the safe content filtering to your searches from the address bar, the extension needs to redirect your browser's address bar searches to one of the search engines that supports safe search result filtering.
Yes. The Safe Search extension supports the top known and used search engines worldwide, for instance, Yahoo, Google, Bing. If you want to change your search engine, you can go to the Settings of this extension and make the change.
Yes, it is a free extension in the Chrome Web Store.
The default search engine we offer to our users is one of the top search engines in the world. We get the payment as an affiliate partner when our users use this search engine.
If you want to remove/uninstall this extension, please see the instructions on the Uninstall page.

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